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Learn from your own experience

  • how to know and love yourself
  • how to connect deeply with others
  • how to create the life you want

The Essential Experience Workshop invites you to open your heart and mind to new possibilities.  If you are feeling stuck in some part of your life, come to find new ways to move.  If you are in transition, come to find ways to navigate.  If you want to grow in new ways, come to find others who will grow with you.

The Essential Experience is an education in the art of living.

Welcome to our website.  We are still growing it and improving it.  As we do, you can explore to find answers to many of your questions and ways to ask others.  For those who participate, EE is an opening to support, change, connection, confidence, community and joy.  You are invited to step in.  Explore the web site, or join us for an Introduction to the  Workshop to meet graduates and organizers in person.

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