The Essential Experience Workshop provides opportunities for you to ask and answer important questions.

  • How am I creating connections in my life?
  • How am I handling losses?
  • How have my childhood experiences shaped my assumptions and perspective?
  • How can I create more fun and excitement?

In the Workshop, you explore these questions, and many others, in a place where it is safe to be honest and where others are pursuing their own explorations as well.

It is a “workshop” and not a “seminar” or even a “training.”

You create your own results for your own life from your own work, using the Workshop’s structure, as well as other participants and graduate assistants, for support. You participate in the Workshop and thereby become more of a participant both in your own life and in a community of mutual support.

People in many different circumstances will benefit from participation. From those in a life transition to those seeking enrichment, from those stuck in some part of their life to those who want support and community, there is value for everyone. The Workshop marks the beginning of a new, more positive phase of life, a phase of greater awareness, connection, confidence, accomplishment and joy.

Find out more about the workshop by exploring the website or joining us for an Introduction to the Essential Experience Workshop.

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