Get Involved

All graduates of the EE workshop are members of the graduate community.  A lively, supportive and productive community is one in which members are active, contributing their energy, skills and leadership to the creation of structures and activities that benefit everyone.  Here are a few of the important ways grads can contribute.

Volunteer for the Community

The Community always needs volunteers to help create events and activities.  The annual Picnic, for example, needs folks to shop, to grill, to organize games, to set up and clean up, etc.  The same goes for all the activities the community sponsors.  They are created by the work of volunteers.

The Community can also use help with communications.  You can support the newsletter, the Listserv or the Facebook page in many different ways.

If someone contacts you to do something, please say yes!  If you can step forward to volunteer, just let the Community Leaders know.  They will be sure you are part of the team that helps create meaning and fun for everyone.

Community Dues

It costs money to maintain the community.  Maintaining the website and Listserv, renting space for meetings, and paying our bookkeeper/administrator, among other things, requires a modest budget.  We ask that graduates support the Community by helping to defray the costs through minimal annual dues.

As a dues paying graduate, you will have access to the EE Directory, you will receive discounts to social events and graduate workshops, and you will have the satisfaction of supporting our unique network.

Dues for the first year for new graduates of the workshop are paid out of their workshop fee. After the first year, dues may be paid toward the end of one year for the next calendar year.  Further details and forms for payment of dues for 2018 are available here.

Be on Team

One of the most exciting opportunities for EE graduates is to serve on the Team that helps to produce the workshop.  All graduates are invited. Contact the Team Leader for the upcoming workshop to ask questions or volunteer. Team meets two or three times prior to the workshop to prepare to serve. Being on Team enables graduates to continue their work, as well as to give back to others.   It also creates connections and fun.

Inside Team
Requires a full weekend commitment from 4:00 PM on Thursday afternoon all the way through 11:00 PM on Sunday evening. Team roles include Production, Contracting, the Tech Table, Training, Inside/Outside Liaison and Leadership.

Outside Team
Works well if you only have a few hours to give. Volunteer positions include Greeting, Setting-Up, Running, coordinating Team Meals, playing at Team Party and preparing, schmoozing and eating at Community Dinner.

Click here to volunteer for the March 1-4, 2018 Team.

Support Groups

Following the workshop, graduates have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing support group with other members of their class, facilitated by graduates from previous classes.  Some of these support groups endure; other do not.  Sometimes new ones form, and graduates who wish to can facilitate new support groups and perhaps become part of them.   The Support Group Task Force developed Guidelines for EE Support Groups and continues to support the formation and growth of support groups in the community.

Graduate Workshops

One Day workshops are held from time to time for graduates, developing a theme from the workshop in more depth. These workshops are generally held at Eric’s home with an enrollment limited to 20. One Days run from 9:30 to 5:30 on Saturday and cost $125, including snacks and lunch.

Other graduate workshops, including The Next Level and EE2 – Cape May, are also offered from time to time.  Check the Community Calendar for dates.


The Community Leadership Council (CLC) of the EE Graduate Community oversees all the activities of the Community.  The CLC is led by three Community Leaders who serve for a calendar year.  It also includes some previous Community Leaders who stay on to provide continuity as well as others who volunteer to support activities and operations.  These volunteers are supported by Joan Hollenbach, who, for a modest stipend, supported by community dues, does the bookkeeping, administration and website maintenance.  The current members of the CLC invite all graduates to volunteer to help create events and activities for the community.