Members of the community communicate in several ways.

The Lifeboat

Every month or two, a newsletter, called The Lifeboat, is published by email to all the graduates of the workshop on the Listserve.  The Lifeboat includes articles about, among other things, events and personal changes, essays and poems by community members, a column based on the blog of the Conductor, Eric Hoffman, and lots of reminders about upcoming events in the community. Contact Leah, the Editor, at Lifeboat@essentialexperience.net to make suggestions, offer an article or volunteer to help.


The community maintains two Facebook pages, one that is open to all, and another that is for graduates only.  Linking to the Facebook pages is one good way to keep informed about what is going on in the community.


The EE Community Listserv allows graduates of the EE Workshop to send messages to the entire EE on-line community via e-mail. It is another benefit of our commitment to provide continued growth and community cohesiveness after the EE Workshop. This service provides us with an effective method to communicate and dialog with each other.  Grads may ask for many kinds of support, or announce important changes, or invite others to join them for an event.   The Listserv is the main way members of the community communicate.

There are Guidelines that have been developed by the Communications Task Force to help assure smooth operations and effective communication.