You Are Invited

A Message from the Conductor

You are invited to participate in the
Essential Experience Workshop.

If you are here, something about the workshop has attracted you.  We want to invite you to trust that attraction and to accept this invitation to register and participate.

For more than 30 years, the Essential Experience Workshop has provided space, support and challenge to people to create a life for themselves that is more empowered, more connected, more fulfilled than they thought possible before the workshop.  That invitation is now open to you.

This is an invitation to spend three and a half days and to spend money.  Before the workshop, people naturally wonder if it is worth it.  To accept the invitation is, inevitably, a risk.  You are the one who will decide to take it.  For many, accepting this invitation is itself the beginning of change.

This is an invitation to step into an education in the art of living.  We have all had the other kind of education, deadening rather than enlivening.  Here, there is structure for support and safety and, within that, freedom to learn what is important to you in living your life.

And this is an invitation from someone very special:  An amazing person with a big heart, a curious mind, a wealth of experience, a capacity to give to others and to accept their gifts, and the ability to live a life that is really worth living.  The wonderful part is that this person is you.

Come and meet all the amazing people you can meet at the Essential Experience Workshop.

Enroll Today!